Your Relationship is Like a Car – How's It Working for You?

Right now, how's your relationship feeling? Are you:


Arguing a lot?

Feeling resentful?

Afraid to speak-up?

Confused about what to do next?

Hurt from your partner's treatment or behavior?

Ready to feel good again?

The truth is, even the strongest relationships face frequent challenges. What, then, makes relationships work? Well, let's think of your relationship like a car.

A car that's chugging up the street, puffing fumes is working. But who wants to drive a piece of junk? The question is, how well does it work, and how much is it costing you? How much peace, trust, and happiness is it robbing from you everyday?

Which car (A, B, or C below) sounds the most like your relationship?

A. The old, high-maintenance car. This car struggles on flat ground, and rarely makes it up hills. Your car makes all sorts of noises when you try to work on it. So much noise, in fact, that you never get to the source of its problems. You do not trust it in a storm, so it does not get out much anymore. You always think about getting rid of it, but you make excuses to keep it parked in your driveway. This car needs tons of work in the shop, but you never take it.

B. This car basically works … it's getting by. It's been paid off, but it's far from what you really want. It only breaks here and there, but those times are pretty scary. You never know why it breaks down, it just does. You'd love to trade up, but you're used to having this car. It's boring, but it's not terrible. So, you think, you'll just keep it. It needs repair, but it's running, so why bother? Truth is, you're afraid to face the problems that you'll discover under the hood.

C. The car of your dreams. It has all the features you've chosen and planned for. It works because you have a trusty, reliable maintenance plan. It's fun to drive. You love coming home to it. It's safe in sun, rain, and snow. You regularly tend to this car because you've worked hard to get it, and it's well worth the effort. After a long day, you get to drive home happy. You take good care of it, and it takes good care of you.

Now, if you had a magic wand, which car would you choose? Car 'C,' of course! All cars need repair, but car 'C' has a great maintenance plan, so it's easy to fix. It's worth the effort to maintain it. You feel proud in this car, you can count on it. It meets your needs.

Apply this car scenario to your relationship. Are you in a high maintenance relationship, walking on eggshells? Could it break-down anytime? Do you trust it? Is your relationship struggling or just getting by, like driving car 'A' or 'B'?

What if I told you that you could drive car 'C'? What if I told you there's no magic involved here? This does not mean buying a new car. I'm talking about putting it in the shop!

Choosing car 'C' means sending your car to the "Pimp My Ride" MTV show for an overhaul inside and out. You'll come out with the car you've always really wanted.

So, if your relationship needs some attention, then send it for repair! Are not you sick of driving in a car that's threatening to break down? No matter what kind of car you're driving (A, B, or C), with a little time in the shop, it can come out like new. And, it only takes one person in the relationship to drive it there.

Bottom line … it's time to repair your relationship. Even the strongest relationships need work. Yours is no exception. And, would not it feel great to finally be free of resentment, fear, past and present pain, and anything else you have not faced?

Here's what to do next:

Taking your car to the shop = taking your relationship to a coach!

As your coach, I'm like a relationship mechanic! Just as a mechanic will help fix your car to run smoothly, I'll do the same for your toughest relationships.

The goal of coaching is to get to answers. It's not counseling or therapy. It's solution-focused to get your relationship to a better place. It's convenient, affordable, and most importantly … it works.

My Life & Relationship Coaching services offer solutions to men, women, singles, and couples nationwide facing scores of challenges. All coaching services are done by phone, so you work on your relationship wherever you're most comfortable.

When you're ready, you've got a happy, healthy relationship to gain. Call 301-875-5019 or e-mail

Your Coach,


Source by Kimberly Talley

Arthur L. Savala