Toy Grade Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars are categorized as being toy grade remote control cars or being hobby grade radio controlled vehicles. The main difference between the two items is that remote control cars by definition will have wires that connect the vehicle to the signal transmitter while radio controls work off radio frequencies.

There has been a trend to refer to all remote control cars as RC toys. This is a vague way of thinking about these items. Many enthusiasts collect the vehicles and actually race them at special racing tracks. There is even money to be made on the racing of these tiny motorized cars and trucks.

All remote control cars that are considered to be toy grade come pre-assembled in their packages. Some hobby grade vehicles require some assembly before they are ready to race. You can find the hobby class in pre-assembled varieties in local hobby shops and at online merchants.

There are basically three different fuels that are used in RC vehicles. Electricity is the most popular for the toy items. Gasoline engines are in some of the hobby grade devices and some enthusiasts even have units that operate on nitro.

The electric powered vehicles generally have a top end speed of around fifteen miles per hour. These devices generally can only be run for a short period of time before their batteries are replaced or recharged.

The toy grade vehicles generally have no real throttle control. These items are usually either stopped or at full throttle. The steering for them is rather primitive and only allows the operator to steer the vehicle forward, fully to the right, or wholly to the left. There is often a reverse configuration on these devices. The performance of these items is far less than the performance of the items that are bought by enthusiasts and collectors.

The toy grade pieces are generally priced much lower than the hobby grade items are. These items are also easier to operate than those more expensive counterparts. One of the big drawbacks to the ones classified as toy grade vehicles is that they generally can not be repaired. When one portion of the device becomes broken the rest of the toy is rendered useless.

The toy grade items are meant for fun and nothing more. You can give these autos to children to play with and know they have the ability to learn to operate them.

Source by Jiahao Tu

Arthur L. Savala