Quality ACME Cars

There are many different models when it comes to remote control cars from buggies, to monster trucks, rally cars and bespoke designs. There go from entry level cars right up to cars over a meter in length and run on actual unleaded fuel from petrol stations. One of the best entry level cars is the ACME Condor which is available worldwide but very popular within the United Kingdom. This car has very good quality design, great for off road racing with a Pro version which includes a 2 gear gearbox and alloy shock absorbers.

If you are not into buggies, ACME also does a Monster Truck called the Conquistador which comes in a choice of body shells. This RC Truck is very high off the ground and easily can take on mug, sand and all sorts of hilly areas. The battery compartment is sealed to stop all sorts of mud and water getting inside. Alternately, there is the standard looking RC Car called the Cyclone. Now this car is fast! And defiantly one for speed demons out there. Each of these cars have videos available on many sites which sell them which give you an indication of the quality, power and speed and not to be thought of as cheap alternatives. This also comes with a choice of body shells, which include a suburb looking design.

Remember thought, these are nitro cars so run on nitro fuel which is available from most model shops. Nitro fuel is more expensive than petrol but the preferred source for the size of these cars, which gives a great acceleration. What you will find with all nitro cars is the noise can be quiet loud, but great fun.

Source by Rob David Stone

Arthur L. Savala