Keeping the Car Neat and Clean

I have a friend who husband is something of a perfectionist. He can not stand a messy car. They do not eat in their car even on long distance trips. He will have their car detailed before they go on a trip, while they are there and when they return home again. I like a clean car, but it takes it to a whole new level. His car floors mats could be used as dinner plates. My car mats look like a piece of modern art, his are spotless. How do you realize that? Every groove is washed, every spot removed, they are sprayed, soaped and rinsed at least weekly. Mine are shaken at least quarterly. Hmm that could be the reason his mats are so much cleaner than mine.

We then have the car across the street which auto mats have never been washed. They are big fans of fast food and fries, cups, sticky drink residue, and paper sacks are strewn so deep I often wonder how the peddle can continue to operate. We all have our levels of cleanliness in our car, I always view myself as something as a moderate. I think we all do in most areas, everyone else are the extremist we have things under control. Whether it is your house, cubicle, yard, car, bedroom; Everyone has different levels of cleanliness comfort. As for me and my car I like it clean, as for my children and my car, they prefer more of the "lived in look." As long as there are children and cars its going to be a balancing act and a full time job.

Source by Jonathan Wickham

Arthur L. Savala