KAS Inserters Go Where No Inserter Has Gone Before!

Anyone who has worked with envelope insertion equipment knows that it's an inexact science. An incorrect flap or an odd sized insert can render an entire job "non-machineable," forcing you to use manual labor to insert the job by hand. In our industry, we have seen an army of 10 or 15 temps insertion 200,000 piece mailings, simply because it can not run through an automated inserting machine. To add insult to injury, many of the organizations that are forced into handwork, already own expensive insertion equipment. It's just that their machine is not very flexible, and the job fell outside the parameters.

The following is often considered "conventional wisdom" with inserters:

  • A machine that can insert 9×12 envelopes does a poor job on letter sized mail (or is painfully slow)
  • Setting up a difficult job of 3,000 pieces is not worth it ……. by the time you set up the machine you could actually insert it
  • Inserting irregular or die-cut product is nearly impossible
  • Feeding newsprint or corner stapled sets is almost impossible.

But what if there was an inserter that defied this conventional wisdom? A machine that could set up quickly for short run or long run jobs? And one that could feed both 9×12 and letter sized material quickly … and still feed difficult and irregular items?

The KAS Inserting system offers this flexibility and much more. We've tested the product with dozens of different jobs, both short runs and long runs. We've inserted everything from die-cut media to plastic cards, and it almost seems as though nothing can throw this machine off.

KAS Inserting Systems are marked as "Fulfillment Inserts" because they are capable of running jobs that would normally be relegated to hand work by temps. Precision friction feeders and PLC electronic control will allow you to feed and insert items that you never thought possible. The software used to run the KAS inserter can use barcodes, recognize characters like names and addresses, and can track each piece of mail through the job.

KAS Inserts are more than just powerful though-they're reliable as well. The machines are well built and sturdy enough to be reliable over long periods of use. The feeding mechanisms (along with all of the other mechanical parts) are sturdy and do not require a whole lot of maintenance … not more than any other inserter would require anyway.

KAS Inserts get two thumbs up from us. We can see the systems getting more popular in America over the next several years.

Source by Rick K.

Arthur L. Savala