How to Use a Tabletop Lazy Susan: Includes on the Tablettop

I was asked the question what else can you do with a lazy Susan also called a dumbwaiter besides put it in the middle of my table. Some days I just do not need it in the middle all the time. I answered with a few different ways to use it.

First is the way that I use it personally in my own home. We have a wonderful kitchen that has wrap around upper and lower cabinets. This is great for the layout of my home making the kitchen feel cozy and more homey. The only problem with this is in one of the corners it goes into a deep corner. Before I purchases my lazy Susan I could not put anything to far back on that counter or I would loose the easy access to the items. Unfortunately for me this also mean I lost some of my precious counter space. Then one day I was realized that I could put a dumbwaiter all the way to the back corner and get some of my counter space back. Now my flower canister, sugar canister, powdered sugar canister and olive oil are all within reach with just a slight spin.

The second is also a way that I personally use a dumbwaiter. Again with my great kitchen cabinets that I love. A lot of people have the built in Lazy Susan in their lower corner cabinets. The upper corner cabinets are just shelves so you loose the ability to get to things in the back of the cabinet. So every time I had to take something out of the cabinet that was in the back I would have to pull the things I used most out and put them back in. I got the same sized lazy susan that I put on my counter top and put in in my upper cabinet. That maximized the space I had in the upper cabinets.

The third and fourth way to use a tabletop dumbwaiter I have not used yet but plan to next spring cleaning I go through. They are to put a dumbwaiter in the refrigerator to bring things from the back to the front with just a small spin. The only advice I can give for that option is to make sure you get a plastic the water in the air would ruin a wooden lazy susan.

The fourth option is to use in a panty for smaller items that you want to stock up on but not loose or forget you have with all of the larger items. With all the coupon usage going on these days people have stocked up on a lot of items that may need to be stored for longer periods of time. A dumbwaiter in the panty works great for this.

So if you love the idea of ​​a tabletop lazy susan but hate to keep it on the table all the time I've given you four reasons to look into dumbwaiters one more time.

Source by Becca Summers

Arthur L. Savala