How To Beat The Car Salesman

If you are like most people, you do not purchase a vehicle very often. It is very easy to fall victim to a seasoned salesman and spend much more than you should. Here are 5 steps to take before you make your purchase.

5) DO YOUR RESEARCH! Consider different things you will need in a vehicle like size, fuel economy, Awd etc …. Select your Price Range. Browse different brands (GM, Toyota?). Read reviews and compare vehicles.

4) NARROW YOUR SEARCH! Choose the vehicles that interest you the most and learn the pros and cons for each. If you educate yourself enough, there is a good chance you will know more than the salesman when the time comes to buy. Try doing a "Total Cost of Ownership" comparison. Total cost of ownership is too often overlooked, it is basically what the vehicle is going to cost you over a period of time. It's important !!!

3) TEST DRIVE ONLY! – This is where it gets tricky. Few dealerships just let you drive and go, you will get pitched and pressured. The trick here is to act interested which you actually are and let the salesman do his job and show you the vehicle, describe it's features and do a test drive. After the drive DO NOT go in and get involved in numbers YET! Get his card and leave.

2) CHOOSE YOUR VEHICLE! – After driving the cars, pick one! Hopefully you've done your research and established a budget. At this point, research promotions and incentives on your vehicle. The manufacturer site will reveal any current programs on the vehicle. Be sure it's what you

1) BUY IT! Ok, now the fun begins! Choose at least two dealerships (one local for service). Go to your local dealership and get a pricing. Let him know you are shopping around but willing to buy if the price is right! Do not waste all day with this guy, you are going to give him the final chance, just dont tell him that.


Take his price to the other dealer. Do not play games, just tell him the price you've got and ask if he can beat it to earn your business. Even tell him where else your dealing does not hold anything back. After he gets his price and gives it to you …. WALK AWAY !!!!!

Now …. Go back to the original dealer and say you will buy the car if he can beat that price, wave a credit card around (It Helps) 90% of the time he will do it …. he might moan a little though.

Although this may seem like a hassle and there may be a few hundred left on the table, you will get yourself a good deal on the car you set out to buy !!!

CONGRATS !! and enjoy the new car !!!!!!

Source by Chris Vickery

Arthur L. Savala