How Do I Buy A Car In Japan At An Auction?

I was looking at some of the cars that are for sale in Japan at auction and I always wanted to buy a car from Japan. There was a big problem however, I did not know how too. I had absolutely no idea how to buy a car in Japan and import it to my country.

There are many online auction sites that allow you to look at cars that go to auction each day. If you look at exporters sites this means you will have to organize freight to your country. If you are looking at an importers car list you will need to pay them to organize freight for you.

I prefer to organize freight myself because I can save over a thousand dollars. This means when I go to sell my car I am $ 1000 up before I even sell it. Many people think importing yourself is hard. Well If you know what your doing is not hard at all.

Take a look at some of the cars at auction at the J cars website. After you log in you will be able to see thousands of cars that are going to auction each day. For example, I did a search for a 180sx (240sx) and I saw 40 different cars going to auction today and I found one that I really want.

Even though I found the car I wanted to buy I did not want to put in a bid if I had no idea on how to import it. So I started looking for a guide that will tell me exactly what to do. I found a great guide that told me everything at .

This guide to me everything I needed to know about importing my car! So I knew how to import my 180sx I was ready to put in a bid.

After a few hours of excitation I won the auction! By importing the car myself I saved over $ 4000! This is how you can buy a car in Japan and profit by selling the car in your country.

Well this is my story about buying a car in Japan. I hope you find it useful.

Source by Michael Sands

Arthur L. Savala