Carbon Nanotube Car Bodies Will Light Up Your Garage By Hitting The Alarm Disarm Button

In the future our vehicles will not be made of steel or aluminum, or even laden with all that much high-tech plastic. It turns out the carbon nanotubes are lighter than all of that, in fact when it comes to steel, carbon nanotubes are 50 times lighter and much stronger. Interestingly enough, they also conduct electricity, and that means it will be very easy to turn them into objects which light up without using much energy. Okay so let’s talk about the future of the carbon nanotube car body if we might.

Although it is not scheduled for discussion at the “Strategies in Light 2013” symposium it appears to me that many of the top automotive innovators are missing some of the future competition in material science. Right now, many cars are being outfitted with LED headlights, and I’m sure you’ve seen how bright they are, or how bright the taillights are when they light up as you’re driving. Some of the younger generation now, put LED lights on the bottom of their cars which looks very cool, merely for affect.

Still, imagine your car is in a parking lot and you can’t find it. Rather than hitting the car alarm and listening for that chirp, chirp – you can have your car light up the parking lot, and even glow-in-the-dark. This might also be good in your garage. You will not need to replace that light bulb on your Geenie garage door opener when it goes out. All you need to do is hit the alarm disarm button, and the car itself, that is to say the car body will light up your garage for you. Best of all, it will hardly take anything away from your battery, as far as energy is concerned.

Some might say; that’s crazy – but that’s only because they do not understand all the characteristics of these new materials. In fact, the hood over your engine, or your trunk may go opaque while driving, but when you hit a button it becomes transparent so you can see in. In fact, the whole body of the vehicle can be created that way as well. Border crossings for trucks may require that trailers in the future are built of carbon nanotube not only so the trucks get better fuel mileage, but also so that border patrol inspections become very easy to conduct.

If you’d like to discuss all this at a much higher level, you may contact our think tank, or shoot me an e-mail. The future of carbon nanotubes for our automobiles and over the road trucks will be a reality in the next 5 to 10 years. It will improve fuel mileage, and allow us many other benefits including the one I’ve just discussed here today. I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Arthur L. Savala