Car Rental In Dubai – Driving Rules For First Time Visitors

Dubai could only be described in superlatives: it's ultra modern city with advanced infrastructure and high living standards. No wonder millions of holidaymakers flock to Dubai on annual basis. Since eight to ten lane highways and the best quality of tarmac, the standard of driving could get abysmal.

Here are some basic rules, dangers and novelties that could happen on the roads in Emirates.

Speed ​​limits : 100 – 120 km / h on highways, suddenless there are important exceptions like »Al Khawaneej Road« – known as road from Dubai International Airport to Mirdiff – government reduced the speed limit from one hundred km / h to eighty km / h four years ago. Be careful when you drive from the airport and do not exceed the speed limit. Usually limits are forty km / h on small suburban streets and from sixty to eighty km / h on main roads, except for "Jumeirah Beach Road", where the highest permitted speed is seventy km / h.

Camels on the road : Most often on the roads outside the city. Do not underestimate them, since they could be dangerous and have no feeling for the road and traffic. Might sound funny to meet a camel on the road, but a crash with camel will cost you a fortune. Camels are expensive in Arab Emirates. Other more common animals you may meet on the road are most likely donkeys, goats, and homeless dogs.

Penalties in United Arab Emirates are extremely high. Respect the rules, never drive too fast or drink alcohol. Being caught with alcohol in blood will result in heavy financial penalties including jail. International visitors must have international driving permission and national driving license with them all the time.

Rush hours are most common from eight to ten o'clock in the morning when people migrate for work. Same applies for late afternoon from five o'clock on.

Source by Nina Malina

Arthur L. Savala