Buying Plus Size Swimwear Online – It's Not What You Think!

With the summer in full swing, getting your hands on a nice flattering swim suit can have you in hot water. As you near the month of August, clothing stores are pushing their swim wear to the side to make room for back to school clothes. And if you're a plus size gal looking for a last minute swim suit you're options are going to be limited if any at all.

Why Buy Online?

More Options – If you live in warmer climates the swimming season can last well into September. But if you waited too long to grab a new swim suit you're probably going to be out of luck. Most clothing stores get pretty picked over in the swim department by mid-July. And if you're looking in stores that do not cater to plus size women your options are going to be even more dismal. If you want a cute and flattering swim suit this late in the game your best bet is to look online. With no retail space to worry about, you have infinite options in all shapes and styles. So you do not have to sacrifice your style and settle for what is available in stores.

Get it Fast – fast and sometimes free shipping offers work for your time frame and your pocketbook. More and more online retailers are conscience of their consumer's time frame and offer great deals that will get your item to you faster without breaking the bank. If you have a big trip coming up and you waited till the last minute to grab a suit, shipping should be the least of your shopping worries.

Great Deals – Have you cake and eat it too. Just because you're ordering online does not mean you can not still benefit from the same end of summer savings your local stores are offering. Online retailers will also start to slash prices to move their summer inventory, but without forfeiting your out options.

Tips to buying Swim Wear Online
Some plus size women can be gun shy about ordering online. Most of us tend to flash back to our most troublesome fitting room nightmares. However online retailers (especially in the plus size department) are very sensitive to this and go to great lengths to advertise very specific specifications for their products beyond the Small, Medium and Large categories.

Know your size – Our bodies are always changing and just because you fit into a size 18 last summer does not mean you have not shifted

Know your measurements – Even more important that knowing your size is knowing your specific measurements. Like I said your body is always changing so make sure you know exactly what your measurements are before buying. A majority of online retailers will advertise clearly what their size descriptions are based on.

Know your bra size – I can not stress this enough. You may have worn the same bra size for years and not realized any kind of change. Make sure you have been recently fitted for the correct bra size before purchasing a suit that could potentially cause problems in keeping your 'ladies' under control.

Know what flatters your figure – There are many different styles of swim wear that can help accentuate your best features and disguise your trouble spots. Here is a quick guide to what styles work for each shape.

  • The Swimdress – this styles is great for all shapes with all over coverage.
  • One Piece – versatile with built in shapes, great for apples and rectangles.
  • The Tankini – great for those who want to show off their legs, minimize their waistlines and accentuate their bust. This one is great for apples.
  • The Skirtini – The skirtini is a two piece with 'skort' or 'scooter' bottoms. This style helps minimizeize hips, thighs, which is great for pears.
  • The Shortini – provides extra coverage for hips, butt and thighs, This style looks like a flattering shorts and tank top outfit. Great for all body shapes!

Source by DeeDee McKenzie

Arthur L. Savala