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Causes For The Catalytic Converter Failure

A catalytic converter helps to remove certain pollutants from the exhaust of automobiles, rather than the release of pollutants into the air. Keep reading about Ferrari 488 Exhaust System upgrades. In a car, the catalytic converts is located in the exhaust system, behind the exhaust manifolds and before the car muffler. Typically, a catalytic converter will last the life of a vehicle, unless an underlying problem causes it to fail.

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Emission test

A failed catalytic converter that has not clogged can contribute to an increase in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide leaving the exhaust pipe of the car. Typically, the catalyst will reduce the amount of these contaminants to extremely low levels. An increase in these pollutants in the car exhaust can also be caused by a defective air pump, pulse air system or other component of the car air supply.

Fuel Mileage

A clogged catalytic converter will create excessive back pressure in the exhaust system of cars. This increase in back pressure can affect the car’s fuel efficiency, which means that the car will not be able to drive up under the same conditions, with the same amount of gas. (see google map) The plugged catalytic converter causes the car to work harder to maintain performance, meaning the car engine burns more fuel than it would if it had a catalytic converter working properly.


A plugged catalytic converter can also minimize the car’s power at high speeds, such as when the car is driving on the highway. The driver may notice that the car can not move to other vehicles on the road at high speeds as it once did. The driver may also realize that, once the car hits a certain speed, its acceleration becomes slow. (read more in google group) A connected converter can also cause the car to idle roughly, ie the engine will sizzle or fluctuate in its RPMs. The failed catalytic converter can cause the car to have trouble starting, causing the motor to trip or stagnate when starting.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

Here are the pieces that make up the TUBI Ferrari 488 Exhaust System


The first line of fire to be hit by the scorching, spent gasses of combustion, the collectors link the engine and the exhaust.  Therefore, they must direct the flow in a fast, smooth manner.  Collectors with the right dimensions and properly linked headpipes will result in a smooth, seamless power curve.  TUBI Ferrari Exhaust System uses only the finest heat resistant materials in the lightest possible weight to provide reliable performance.


Connecting the headers and mufflers, Arrow’s strong, lightweight, stainless-steel midpipes are held in place with high-quality springs protected by heat and vibration-resistant sheaths. Where applicable, these midpipes are designed to work with stock headers giving buyers more purchasing options for this build-it-yourself system.


Wrapped in full titanium, carbon fiber or aluminum sheaths, Race-Tech Mufflers are small in size without compromising volume and noise Suppression. With these parts, owners can construct everything from a full system to a simple bolt-on. (see google slides)

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System by Champion Motorsport

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